Clean shiny floors
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We offer a full range of Commercial Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration Services to optimize the appearance, performance and life expectancy of Hard Floors

System 1:

Low Maintenance

A floor finish must lock out dirt and black marks from penetrating the surface to achieve reduced labor input and attractiveness. The Low Maintenance floor system incorporates recent developments in floor polish polymer technology to eliminate the need for appearance enhancing maintenance.

System 2:

Spray Buff

Spray buffing is a cleaning and repairing procedure designed to remove marks, scratches and soil from the surface of a finished floor. A good base of 4 to 6 coats is necessary to protect the floor and allow for easy soil removal. This base will provide a removable and repairable surface that will help protect the floor from damage and wear associated with traffic.

System 3:

Ultra High Speed

Ultra high speed floor care utilizes today's state-of-the-art materials and equipment for the ultimate in appearance and productivity. This system offers the highest possible appearance level at an overall reduced chemical and labor cost. We will provide the specific steps necessary to achieve this ultimate look.

Not only does Zervas Facility Maintenance provide Hard Floor Maintenance and Restoration, we also offer a full line of Floorcare Equipment. Please click here for more information.