Restroom Cleaning and Maintenance

Zervas Facility Maintenance utilizes Kaivac No Touch Cleaning™ to Produce Overall Better Results with Less Cost - in Less Time.


Attaining and maintaining a sanitary state in today's buildings, especially the restroom, is a challenge, yet one that's crucial to public health.

Cleaner Buildings: No-Touch Cleaning equipment removes soils, urine, germs and indoor pollutants that traditional and microfiber mops leave behind.

Reduced Costs:

Labor - Restrooms can be sanitized in one third the time of conventional methods
Equipment - Our multipurpose systems help eliminate unnecessary equipment.

Chemicals - Automatic proportioning reduces costly waste.

3 Step Cleaning

Workers begin by simply spraying cleaning solution on fixtures and floors.

They blast the soils to the floor with a high pressure water spray.

Then the floor is vacuumed dry, completely removing soils, bacteria and other bio-hazard contaminants.

The number one building maintenance complaint today is filthy and unsanitary restrooms because mops and wipes do a poor job of removing soil, bacteria and bio-hazardous waste. No-Touch Cleaning systems completely remove these contaminants to eliminate odors and reduce risk of disease.

Our systems offer the first dignified way to sanitize a restroom, without ever touching contaminated surfaces in front of toilets and urinals.

Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuuming - A built in HEPA filter combined with an 'aquatic air scrubber" that suspends soils in water ensures dust-free exhaust and optimum air quality.

• Nothing Cleans Grout lines faster or better.
• Eliminates need for dust mopping and improves Air Quality.
• Cleans tight areas without an additional extraction machine.
• 300 mph air blast quickly dries surfaces and dusts high areas.
• Cleans floors as deeply as an auto scrubber but in a way that is gentle on finish.

Kaivac in use

To learn more about the Kaivac Product Line, Contact Mark at (616) 638-2655.