School Maintenance Systems

A Different Approach to School Maintenance...
Building on years of experience, Zervas Facility Maintenance utilizes P.B. Gasts' School Maintenance Program which offers a four - part program that focus on your efforts on providing the public a clean facility conductive to learning. The School Maintenance Program includes employee procedural training, super concentrate dilution control, work loading capabilities, and proven products and equipment, all developed to address your maintenance needs.
We know that you will find this approach to school maintenance one that will increase your productivity, and lower your total cleaning budget. Call Zervas Facility Maintenance today to implement the program at your educational facility today!

Kids with teacher

Includes DVD Training, Proficiency Tests, and Reference Cards.


Super Concentrate Dilution Control:
Designed to accurately dispense a variety of high performance, super concentrated products which stress Economy, Adaptability, Safety, and Ease of Use.


Work Loading:
Our Windows Based work loading program, Breeze Software's Custodial Solutions, can re-engineer your cleaning process in a way never possible; Measures, Manages, and Monitors.


Practical Products Solutions:
Our product line offers practical solutions, including; Savings, Innovation, Safety, and Time - Proven Solutions.