Supermarket Solutions

We offer complete Food Service Sanitation and Floor Care Systems specifically tailored for the Supermarket Industry. Our solution is designed to enhance your store's image and increase your profits to keep you competitive with Training, Safety, and Savings.

Food service

Food Service:
The focus of this system is to enhance food safety. It has been said that proper training of employees saves money and nowhere is this more evident than with food handlers. Our training program covers everything including personal hygiene, cross-contamination and time/temperature abuse.

Floor care

Floor Care:
Our floor care system is designed to lower cost while enhancing appearance and safety. With Zervas Facility Maintenance's field support, training tools and top quality products, your store can achieve the "wet look" that customers desire while saving money.


Dilution Control:
Our system lowers cost while improving worker safety. System 2000 offers Economy, Adaptability, Safety, and Ease of Use.